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• 8/13/2017

Saitama vs toaa

Saitama stats
Strength- above infinite
Speed-above infnite
Durability-above infinite
Knowledge- dumb
All proof the proof is in this video -> [MEDIA=youtube]aF1I2NKAlCs[/MEDIA]
Just imagine saitama at 100%. his power speed and durabilityis above infinite the reason why he is above infinite is because atfer getting infinite power he didn't stop training, that's why he won agianst lord boros third form meteoric burst form.
Lord boros meteoric burst stats
Strength- infinite
Speed- infinite
Durability-planet level at least
Knowledge- unknown
Everything explained in the video up top ^
But the special or ulimate ability takes lord boros body energy and, transform it into an powerful kinetic force when release his speed and, power/strength goes beyond physical limits of any living being can endure.Even saitama is sort of clobbered.this line is form the manga, anime, and the tv show. So this means that lord boros is infinite or limitless
So this makes his strength and speed infinite their is all the proof you need by the way lord boros never hurted him that picture is fake and i'll show you to diffreent versions of the comics [MEDIA=youtube]pwQbIwSLZrg[/MEDIA]

No where that says he take damage
Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet compared to these to two and for the next one no where says that he took damage thats proof that, the picture that said he took damge is fake. He way powerful then you think.

The One above all
Strength- infinite
Speed- infinite
Knowledge-knows all
Is every strong
And is omnipotent,omnipresent,and omniscient.
So who will win this battle.
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• 12/2/2016
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