Agent is a Famous S-Class Hero who also known as the Greatest Detective in the world. He was one of the first S Class Heros who disspeared as his spot was replaced by Tank-top Master. Upon his Return he was invited back to be an S-Class Hero.

Race Human
Alias Agent
Age 33
Status Alive
Gender Male
Height 5'8
Location A-City
Abilities Immenese Strength Stamina and Speed
Weapons Machine Gun
Occupation Detective And Hero
Level S Rank (Dragon)
Rank Former:??? Current:16



Agent's Past is Quite Unknown even to all the heros who have known him for years. What is known is that he is in his mid 30's based on his own Interjection. He at one point had connections with The Government Organization, Hidora and left to become a hero. At some point about 1-2 years before Satiama became a hero he was forced into a mission for Hidora and did not reappear for 2 and a half years.

Monster Defense Arc


He finds Blitzkreig knocked out as the Demon Class Unstoppable Nanny and Terrible Toodler Defeating Terrible Toodler before begining his fight with Unstoppable nanny. At first it seems he will be defeated however, he revels he was holding back for kicks and defeats her quite easily.


Expert Marksman

By his own and many others hero's Objection he is the best Marksman in the Hero Association being able to hit a target miles away and he uses this ability to defeat Wolf or Tiger Level Mysterious beings without even being in sight range. He can also uses almost any weapon to hit a target from long range from Guns to Axes to Bows.

Immense Strength

Despite his Build he is overwhelming powerful being able to easily destroy a Demon Class Mysterious and by his own admission was Holding back. He can break bones with a lesser kick but when using more of his strength he could easily defeat Unstoppable Nanny who was said to be on par on Strength to an S Class Hero, Even after she powered up she was far physically weaker then Agent.

Immense Endurance

Agent can take a huge amount of punishment as seen with tacking Unstoppable Nanny's Tackles which were by his own Admission around the level of Tanktop Master's Attacks. Not only was he not defeated by her tackles he was almost unharmed as he let her hit him around like a rag doll until he decided to defeat her.

Immense Speed

He could move faster then Unstoppable nanny could see rescuing Blitzkreig as he was about to get Crushed. He was able to avoid point blank attacks from Unstoppable nanny and is noted to be one of the faster S class Heros.

Expert Assassin

Based on the Training he got from Hidora he is an Expert Assaisan as he when serious focus on paralzing a target with his own knowledge then fight them head on.