Race Esper
Alias Crusader
Age 22
Status Alive
Gender Female
Height 5'7
Location Q-City
Abilities Pyshic Ablites, Enchanted Strength Stamina and Speed
Weapons Lance, Sword and Shield
Occupation Hero
Level C (True Level: S Class)
Rank 2
Affiliation Four Squeres
Partner(s) Tospy Tirby, Blitzkreig and Jackpot
Family Unknown
Crusader also known as Lillian

is a 22 Year old C Class Rank 2 Hero who is known as the Strongest Member of Four Corners. She Along with her Team mates Jackpot, Blitzkreig and Tispy Topsy are begin trained by the Former S Class Hero Father Earth.



She joined the Hero Association only 3 Months before Satiama Joined. She was able to Advance in a short week but a run in with a powerful Dragon Class Mysterious Being Complety destroyed her apeel as all the other heros but her were killed. She was found by Lincless rider and now refuses to rank beyond Him as a sort or life Debt.

Space-King Arc

She Arrives Before Blitzkreig is nearly killed and attacks the Demon Class Space-King. She Manged to deal some good damage pushing the Creature back with a combination of her Swordsmanship and agility to avoid counter attacks. However to stop the Space-King from Hitting Blitzkreig with a fatel physic wave she leaps in the wave and use her own Pysnoic Ablites to attempt to stop the attack. She is however, Defeated from the Blast but is saved by Jackpot's Arrival and then by the Arrival of Father Earth who Defeats Space-King.

Monster Defense Arc

She along with Tispy Topsy mange to repel 6 Tiger Level Mysterious beings though both are injured. They soon chase after the Mysterious beings and defeat all of them.




Crusader is a powerful Psychokinesis however she is nowhere near the level of the Tastsumaki or Fubuki. She can use her power to throw cars around her and control at least 100 swords

Enchanted Strength

Crusader is Physically powerful enough for Blitzkreig to comment he would not want to take a punch form her despite his own Endurance.

Enchanted Endurance

Crusader can takes a massive amount of damage with even finching and was only defeated by what Space-king stated was his strongest Physic Wave.

Enchanted Speed

Crusader is quite fast being able to avoid many of Space-Kings Attacks and was able to cut down a Tiger level Mysterious being before he even noticed.



Crusader carrys around at least 100 swords which she can control through Psychokinesis. She can also wield them in her hands if becomes needed.


She Carries around a Massive Lance she can use to punch a whole through even a small Astriod she was forced to destroy after Space-King Sent it down on the City


Crusader Carries a Shield as well which she can use in conjunction

with her lance or her swords to fight defensively.