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Race Noble Vampire
Alias Draculord
The Count
Vlad The Impaler
Age 1000+
Status Alive
Gender Male
Height 6,4
Location Z-City
Abilities Blood Manipulation
Weapons Sword Of The Impaler
Occupation Monster
Level Dragon
Affiliation None
Partner(s) None
Family His Fledgelings

Draculord (ドラキロード, Dorakyuroudo) is a legendary monster whose sheer cruelty, evil, bloodlust and violence have caused him to go down in infamy within human history. As one who holds the moniker of the father of all vampires, who calls himself the single strongest member of their species, proof of draculords horrific destructive capacity has been shown in his numerous appearances throughout the course of human history. Only the combined efforts of countless armies and skilled combatants working against him were enough to stave him off and seal him away, though the timehas come where draculord has once again arisen from the seals and chains which have held him back, returning once again to wreak his horrible vengeance and devastation upon the human race.