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Evil God Fist
Race Human
Alias Evil God Fist
Age 600+
Status Alive
Gender Male
Height 6,6
Location Zeus Cuty
Abilities Immense Strength
Immense Speed
Immense Durability
Destruction God Style
Weapons Bare Hands
Occupation Unemployed
Level Category 5
Rank Unknown
Affiliation Himself
Team Nagoya
Partner(s) None
Family Unknown

Evil God Fist (鬼神拳, Kishinken) is a character in A Villain For Fun. He was the greatest and most powerful martial artist in all human history, one whose obsession with becoming the single strongest fighter lead to his transformation into a complete and total monster, both figuratively and literally, considering his prime target to be the galactic martial arts federation, followed by the planetary defense agency.

Up until only recently, evil god fist was considered an ancient myth and a mere folktale passed down from generation to generation within martial arts schools. However, with the launching of the god of fighters tournament, the evil god fist showed himself to the world once again, to prove himself as the single most dominant, violent, skilled, dangerous and powerful fighter that was, is, or ever will be in within the known universe and all human history. Though he is indeed a being of legendary power, evil god fist does a moral and emotional 180 upon being dealt with in brutally quick fashion by the series protagonist, nagoya.

After being broken down by the young man in an extremely dominant and humiliating fashion, evil god fist largely forsakes and abandones himself, opting to appropriate nagoya as his superior, viewing him as a potential teacher who can make the secrets of true, ultimate power available to him, largely becoming an important ally to nagoya in the process, becoming a proud member of team nagoya, and lending his immense powers, skills, and abilities to nagoya alongside a handful of other highly powerful beings defeated by him.


General Appearance

Sense Of Fashion


General Personality






Powers & Abilities

Evil God Fist is a being of simply terrifying power. He has long transcended the absolute limitations and borders which hold back and limit the power of a human being through his endless quest and dedication in making himself into the absolute strongest and most powerful martial artist ever to walk the face of the earth. The planetary defense agency immediately labeled him a Category 5 (カテゴリ5, Kategori Faibu) threat after witnessing his appearance at the grand final match of the god of fighters tournament and the display of his powers. Evil God Fist is easily one of, if not the most powerful martial arts-based character in A Villain For Fun, one who practices cruel and dark fighting techniques, and is also a high-tier character in terms of overall power.

Physical Abilities

Immense Strength: Evil God Fist is powerful enough in his base form alone to one-shot the current supreme sage fist, in a single swift and brutally merciless attack, even while the latter had unleashed the full power of his transcended body transformation. As a category 5 threat, evil god fist possesses physical strength so enormous that he can easily threaten the entirety of planet earth with his blows.

Fighting Styles

Supernatural Abilities


Miscellanous Abilities