Father Earth is a Former S Class Hero of the Hero Association and is known as the "God of the Spring." He along with his new Students Blitzkreig, Crusader, Tispy Topsy and Jackpot are training Together as Father Earth wish to Antoine for his unspeakable sin and defeat the number one hero, Blast.


Race Unknown
Alias Father Earth
Age 55
Status Alive
Gender Male
Height 6'1
Location X-City
Abilities Plant Manipulation, Regenration.
Weapons Nonne
Occupation Former: Hero Current: Bounty Hunter
Level S-Class Rank ( Dragon Level)
Rank Former: Rank 5
Affiliation The Seasons
Partner(s) Vixen, Two Unknown allies
Family None


Father Earth at one point was the Fifth Ranked S Class hero before meeting the Upcoming Hero Blast. They both hated each other and a battle erupted between them at some point 2 years before satiama became a hero. Father Earth was Complety destroyed by Blast making Father Earth Leave the Hero Association. He at one point was part of a team of heros known as the seasons which also had 4 members much like four Squeres.

Space-King Arc

He had been watching the battle of four square agiasnt the Space king as he jumped in and fought Space king. After a long battle he defeated the Demon class alien. Not long after Jackpot asked him to teach him how to be a hero as he knew Father Earth was a former hero. He Accepts as he begins training the group.

Monster Defense Arc

Father Earth

Out in the Desert he was training with Jackpot as they run into a Demon Class Mysterious Being Legionaree. Jackpot trys to fight Legionnaire but cannot defeat him but Legionnaire is soon defeated with ease by Father Earth. They continue on there training Father Earth Explaining Jackpots luck Manipulation powers.

Isle of Giant's Arc

In a location close by to the X City Father Earth along with "God of Summer." Vixen Sit together with 2 cloaked members as they explain the coming attacks for Act and Father Earth must attends or else his sins will be released tot he world. Father Earth nods getting to his feet, "There will be 6th month for them to prepare the hero Association will fall."


Seed Generation:

Father Earth can create seeds from his body to do a variety of effects form Exploding, Soummings large plants or making seeds to cause a target to fall asleep. His power have not been fully explored but he states that is the reason he looks like a tree.

Plant Biology

For an Unknown Reason Father Earth is more Plant then human allowing to grow a rapid rate just like his seeds as seen when he extended his arm to attack Space-King. He also generates sap rather then blood which can be used to Clog his wounds.


Thanks to his plant body he can regenerate from his wounds. His Regeneration is Slow however he will be able to regenerate minor wounds quickly.