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The Four Beast Gods (四獣, Shijuu) are four incredibly powerful monsters who went down in human history as the greatest and most dangerous beings ever to exist on planet earth. They inspired the disaster level ranking system, and each one of them has a corresponding theme and attribute about them which relates to it, being a tiger, demon, dragon, and finally, a god. In spite of only being emanations of the four primary disaster level measuring classes, they are said to be the greatest and most destructive entities ever, each one of them possessing godlike powers, all of which cause them to be a god-class disaster level, with strength, skill, and destructive capacity which causes them to be relatively the same in terms of general capabilities, though there are indeed differences in their power levels.


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The Four Emanations

Four Beast Gods
GenesisMug AmonMug NamuMug ZarmaMug
Arch God Genesis Dragon God Amon Demon Emperor Namu Tiger King Zarga

As their name suggests, there are just a total of four different manifestations of the four beast gods, and they each correspond to one of the four disaster level classes which are used to accurately label and measure the destructive capacity and threat level of various monsters and mysterious beings who continuously appear within human society. The four beast gods are arch god genesis, a solitary deity hellbent on abusing his vast powers to his own advantage, dragon god amon, a creature who seeks only the complete destruction and devastation of all life and takes enjoyment in orchestrating it, demon emperor namu, a greedy, tyrannical and gluttonous ruler who wishes material possessions and vain objects, and tiger king zarga, a being obsessed with conquering strong opponents.