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Race Human
Alias Jadoku
Age 23
Status Alive
Gender Female
Height 5,9
Location E-City
Abilities Many
Weapons Combat Knife
Occupation Pro Hero
Level S-Class
Rank 1 (Elected)
Affiliation Hero Association
Partner(s) Elite Squadron

Jadoku (蛇毒, Jadoku) is an a-class employee of the heroes association, nicknamed Darkest Hero (蛇毒ヒーロー, Jaaku Hiiro). An extremely powerful, skilled and lethal combatant, Jadoku is a female human holding the ancient powers of a gorgon, a serpentine species of bloodthirsty creatures. Many of the dark characteristics of her heritage have come through in her persona and behavior, and she is known for brutally ripping apart her targets. Although she fights on the side of justice, her bad behavior and brutality have kept her from moving up to s-class, hence her title the "darkest hero". Due to the fact the chairmen executives of the heroes association acknowledge her as being one of the strongest, she was placed into the secret elite hero squadron under command of fellow hero, ultima.