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Race Human
Alias None
Age 22
Status Alive
Gender Male
Height 6,3
Location Z-City
Abilities Incredible Physical Prowess
Weapons None
Occupation None
Level None
Rank None
Affiliation Saitama
Partner(s) Chiba
Family Unknown

Kanagawa (神奈川, Kanagawa) is one of the extremely rare human beings who have come into possession of enormous, seemingly unlimited, truly infinite godlike power. He is a character who appears in the OVA One Punch: The Second Baldy!?. A young man of 22 years old, Kanagawa found that one day, completely randomly, all of his hair had fallen out and he had obtained unbelievably enormous physical abilities. After hearing that there is supposedly another who possesses the same enormous power as him, under the same circumstances, kanagawa moved to z-city to locate him.


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One Punch OVA: The Second Baldy!?

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  • When thinking of the name of this character, I went through numerous different titles, mostly simple japanese male names which I particularly like. In the end I decided to use the same naming sense as ONE himself when naming this character. Kanagawa is a prefecture which lays directly south of Saitama. Through tokyo, it is the area which can be considered effectively the opposite of Saitama.
  • Of the "one-punch" characters that I have created on this wiki, Kanagawa is the second weakest, relative to the other one-punch characters I have created. He wields power which is just as immeasurable as saitama, but he is not capable of actually defeating saitama. The power ranking goes as follows. Dark Saitama > Saitama > Kanagawa > Chiba. Kanagawa is also the tallest of the one-punch characters which I have written.