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Race Human
Alias Kani
Age 26
Status Alive
Gender Female
Height 5,10
Location F-City
Abilities Immense Strength
Weapons Sealed Monster Ball
Occupation Unemployed
Level Unknown
Affiliation Various Prisons
Partner(s) None

Kani (蟹, Kani) is a highly powerful individual of note, who possesses a rather ambiguous moral fiber. On the surface she is known as the jail cell mate of s-class "hero", pri pri prisoner. She is not a villain, but she is certainly not a hero, being of a nature and alignment which rejects authority and the standards of society, Kani, is actually an extremely powerful individual, one with quite the unique set of fighting skills and supernatural abilities which she uses to deal with and crush all whom step in her path with incredible destructive force and raw might, which continuously swells as she fights.






Powers & Abilities

Physical Abilities

Immense Strength: Kani is an incredibly powerful individual. She is strong enough that she can use the sealed monser ball as high speed flail weapon, an object several times bigger and larger than her own body which is said to weigh hundreds of tons. She is shown to be completely unbothered by the weight of the object, capable of sprinting at superhuman speeds and leaping hundreds of meters tall and long while dragging the sealed monster ball attached to her heel, almost as though she doesn't even notice it at all. In addition, pri pri prisoner, her cell mate has stated that of all the times they have arm wrestled to pass the time, he has never actually beaten her once, even in spite of the fact that he is many times larger and more muscular than her, he has never managed to cause her to struggle.

Sealed Monster Ball


The Sealed Monster Ball

The Sealed Monster Ball (封書化け球, Fusho Bake-Kyuu) is an ancient object which has been used over thousands of years to drastically seal off and weaken powerful monsters, preventing them from growing to strong and holding them in place so that they do not rampage out of control as an unstoppable force of nature. This object, which takes on the form of an enormous ball and chain, with a myriad of special ritual seal patterns applied to the outside of the sphere, has been attached to kani's heel. Aside from being an extremely heavy object, which severely weighs down and reduces movement ability, the sealed monster ball also absorbs the latent energy of the individual it is applied to, drastically weakening them. However, in kani's case, not even the sealed monster ball is enough to hold her down. She has actually transformed the sealed monster ball into her primary weapon, using its sheer weight and the chain attaching it to her as a lethal flail-like weapon of immense destructive capacity, one which completely annihilates most opponents she faces.

Fighting Style