Mindis is an all powerful being from the other side of the Universe who at one point Battled the Element but was defeated. To never lose again he began his project of creating a new race of ultimate alien beings. He also at one point fought boros to a stand still being the second strongest opponent Boros Every Fought.


Race Unknown
Alias The Galactic Empeorr
Age 1000+
Status Alive
Gender Male
Height 5'4
Location Beyond the Solar System
Abilities Laser Projection Cell Manpulation
Weapons None
Occupation Emperor
Level Dragon+
Rank Dragon+
Affiliation The Galactic Empire
Partner(s) Space king
Family Unknown
Mindas is at least 1,000 years old being the descendant of the leaders of a galactic empire. At one point he fought Elemental but was easily defeated. He soon began his Project to Create a new race of super beings. He 20 years before the story line fought boros though he was holding back slightly and boros was not in his final form.

Abiltes and powers

Immense Strength

Mindas is powerful enough to destroy large chunks of a plant with a precise blow and can easily defeat a demon class Threat with a swipe of his hand.

Laser Creation

Mindas can create lasers from his body which can destroy small planets

Cell Manipulation

Mindias can Manipulate his Cells in almost many way like regeneration or create clones of himself.


Island of the Giant Arc

He was meet with one of his servant who was a servant of Space-King. The Creature Explained his masters failure but Mindas did not care but only ask who he defeated. When he did not know Mindas Swiped him across the face killing him with one attack.