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ONE (ワン, Wan) is easily one of, if not the single mightiest, most powerful, and supreme being in the entire universe. An ethereal entity which has existed for billions of years, watching over and guarding planet earth, ONE is a benevolent, celestial and godlike being whom selects human beings to embody tiny portions of his power so as to ensure the survival of the human species and the prosperity of mankind and planet earth. His power is said only to appear in chosen avatars, who are completely incapable of evil, lending his strength in times of great evil.






Powers & Abilities

ONE is an intelligent, ethereal essence, omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent, a creature of absolute power, one is the being which watches over all sentient life in the universe. A power of boundless intellect and authority who oversee's not only the course of humankind, but the evolution and wellbeing of all forms of life in the entire universe, a presence which spans countless galaxies. ONE is known to bestow its infinite power on a selected avatar to act as its representative, in most cases, the individual in question is completely unaware they have been selected as the representative of ONE. In times of great danger and crisis, ONE lends its unlimited power to a specimen completely incapable of misusing it, in response to an oncoming threat which may threaten an intelligent lifeforms race and species.


  • "...For the one who first bestowed the gift of power upon your species was none other than I. Long before time, there existed only ONE. As your species has grown, matured and flourished, so too has there been ONE to safekeep. Long after your species, there shall also be ONE... ONE for as long as time continues to flow, and long after all matter disappears, and the grand design resets once more, ONE shall be there to ensure the cycle continues"