Chapter 1: The Attack on Q-City

Blitzkreig Pov

Watching for Alerts of Mysterious beings, Heading towards B-City i'm stationed over there as we repair the city after it was attacked and destroyed. My Alarm goes off as i get a message of an Attack on Q-City. "Well Shit." I Mutter as i stop the jeep turning towards Q-City as i call the rest of my team. "This is Blitz we got an attack on Q-City based on the numbers i'm getting it at least Tiger Level, We may need some back up." Crusader began to speak "Alright me and tipsy just fished a mission give us 30 minutes and we can get to Q-City." Jackpot didn't even get on, Guess he is lost again. I Turned the Jeep driving to Q-City should take me about 15 minutes to get over there hopefully whoever is guarding the city can handle it.

I've Arrived and the city is busted up. This thing been rampaging by the looks of that? Looks like i found one of the defending hero's Thunderhoof he is also an A-Class Hero, Looks like whatever is here is quite powerful. I Hope maybe the other hero stationed here Dancing Devil could Handle this...I keep walking around as i found Danceing Devil in the Rubble he was beaten up bad as well as i hear something land behind as i come face to face with the Creature.

"Hello, Human" He states as he wippes his hand at me but i put up my arms but i'm still sent flying into the building i can feel the side of my armor breaking as i get into stance. This guy is not some Short fry he is probley demon class, He dealt with two 2 A Class Heros and he is unharmed. Fuck, I can't deal with an Demon Class Mysterious Being. "Fu Fu Hero?" He States before he continues "You are just as weak as the other heros." He saided wipping his tentacle into the dirt. "You son of a Bitch." He charged him throwing my weight into a powerful Charge "Blitz Bomb!!!"

I Feel a wave of Energy slam into me sending me into a car i can feel my armor is quite damaged my helmet is already cracked as the monstrosity slowly walks towards me. Well This is the only chance i got. I sling my rocket launcher form my back firing a shot at him. "Really hero." He stated flicking his hands as the rocket fly's back at me. "Fuck." I raised my body no time to dodge plus there may be someone close by i don't want them to get hurt as i take the full blast...i can't stand anymore...

Space-King Pov

The Foolish Heros they call them. How could they think to stand up to me the king of the Astrological planes. No matter this human will be my next victim I raise both my arms i conjure some pyshic engrey as i'm hit from behind by a couple of swords. Another Hero i assume..

Crusader Pov

I've Made it just in time me and tispy ran a little late but at Least Blitzkreig is ok. "So more prey has come." Space-King Smirks "You think you do better then this man." I Retort "Compared to me he is far weaker don't go underestimating us." I charged as 20 blades float around me flying at Space-King but he leaps forward blcoking them with his own tentacles throwing them back at me. Tispy is taking a swig but Space-kings gets behind him knocking the wind out of him with a punch before useing a pyshic wave to throw him through a building taking him out of the fight. Why do i always got to do everything myself, I grunt going on the offensive once more blades flying him at rapid speed. He gets hit by some of the blades as a pyshic wave is fired at me but, he won't hit me as i kicked off the ground moving away form the attack as he appears in front of me sending all 10 of his arms at me but i casually pull out 2 of my blades form the air cutting off two of his arms sliding underneath him. He spins around swinging his arms at me again but i leap above him as he fires a pyshic wave at me. Fuck i Can't Dodge in the middle of the air as i'm thrown through a building.

"How did you like that little girl." He states as i step out of the rubble swords circling around as i give him a death glare "Little Girl, I suggest better word choice in hell." I state as the sword all fly towards him but he repels them with a physic wave. He sends another wave at me but i avoid it once more kicking him across the face before sending more of my swords at him. He is hit by some of them as he leaps into the air flying thanks to his Physic powers. "Its is time for you to die." He focuses his power as a giant rock appears above us heading towards me and my downed allies. I pull out my lance using my own Physic powers to fly towards the Rock. "Holy Lance!" I slam my lance into the rock making it fall into small pieces as i slam the spear into his side pulling a chunk of his body off he falling to the surface.

My Breath is slightly high, he is tough but i got him...He slowly gets up the wound slowly healing as he smirks "Little Girl you can't kill me i am the ruler of plants and the destroyers of species, The space King."

Chapter 2:Space-King meets his Match.

Crusader Pov

"Its time i Finsh this." I sent a large Pyonic Wave at him sending Space-King skidding back as he sent his own wave at me, But i flew above it sending a barrage of Blades at him. He turned getting hit by some of the blades as he seem to have enough he leaping into the air charing up a powerful Wave he aiming it down at Blitzkreig. "Lets see what is more Valuable You or your Friends Life!!!" He Send the Massive Wave down, I could not let Blitz die he give his life to save me if he had too. I flew down taking the Blast for him as the whole area was covered in Flame.

Jackpot's Pov

"What the hell was that" I Said walking into the city. I had Arrived late it seemed luck was agiasnt me today. Well Lets Hope they don't need my help. I walked into a destroyed part of town and...Oh god..What the hell is that. I mean i knew there was a monster here but my god...its so ugly. Well Uh..He may of heard that cause his is running at me. Oh shit..oh he tripped. *Evil Snicker* "Times to Beat you up You uh.." I starched my chin "Hmmm what would sound cool." Space-King got up Making an annoyed face "Shut up and Fight me." He charged me again but this time i'm ready just got to do what Crusader showed me. Just swipe the blade at his runs at me.

I Take the Blade Swinging it at his face but the blade just shatters Oh..god..why did he just run into the wall. I Turn to see Space-King face in the wall his face covered in blood, He must of god Steel Shards in his eyes...Now is my Chance...I sprint up to the top of a building before he got a chance to turn around and find me. "Where are you." Space-King Said in an annoyed voice.

Its is my Chance...I just got to use my 777-Luck Punch and i should beat him. Ok, Maybe not beat him but deal some damage and then some Angel will come and suplex This Freak into the dirt. I leaped off the building my Fist Outstrched as i Slam it into his face "777-Luck Punch!!!!"

And So that Day Space-King was defeated by the Amazing Hero Jackpot with his powerful Attack and he was made into an S Class hero and he was made into a god..yah..

Jackpot Imaged that as he was being grabbed by Space-King. "Hmm you were a tough Bugger to Catch." He muttered as he used a pyshic wave to throw Jackpot into the wall knocking him out in one move. "Hmm well seems that taken care of." Spaceking Muttered as he felt something slam into his jaw sending him into a wall.

Father Earth

"Who the Hell are you and why is my Favorite Garden Shop gone." He stated as Space King got back onto his feet "You won't need to know cause your about to die." He spat as both men began to Stare Each other Down. Space-King Fired a Massive Wave of Pyshic Energy at Father earth which sent him flying into the wall behind them.

He Busted out Space-King sent a barrage of punches with his extending and multiplying arms at least 50 of them attacking Father Earth but he avoided all of them. He spun a seed poping out of Father Earth head as he threw it at Space-King Causing a massive Explosion.

"What the Hell" Space King Skided back as a hand grabbed him form the Smoke. "These Seeds can grow at an Instant Speed because of my Genetic Makeup." He said from the smoke as Space-King fired another Power Pysonic Wave at Father Earth but he walked right into it causing him to skid back but he was other whys ok. "What are you?" Space King Sayed "Me..Just your every day gardner." He stayed with a Smirk. "Don't Mock me." Space King Screamed as he pulled Closer a seed flying towards him. "Venus Fly-Trap." Father Earth Stated as Giant Fly trap appeared acid dripping from its maw swallowing Space-King the acid buring him alive.

His Regeneration was not keeping up the Acid melting him as he tried to escape. "You won't get away with this." He screamed as the plant chomped down swallowing the Sludge that was Space-King.

Chapter 3: The Monster's Strike

Jackpot Pov

I Awoke to see a main above me, he looks as if he had grown a tree out of his head..oh wait he did. Why do i feel like i took somthing really horrible for my heath and now i can see the stupidet things possible. "Yo kid." The man stated looking down at me. "You guys were pretty good out there but you all need more training." I nodded to him "Thanks we tried our best." He looked agian "You did almost nothing but that was everyone but the lady." he smirked as i said "Well...i mean she is C-class and.." He looked and started laughing "With her level she can be S-class..." He looked agian, as i stated "She lost alot of freinds when they fought some hero hunter freak." I said thinking back to finding her alone with lincelss rider crumbled in a heap of tears. "She was saved by a hero named Lincless rider so she refuses to suprass him out of pride untill the debt is payed. I stated at the man sighed. "The name is Father Earth." He said "Tell me about your other Freinds." I looked around pointing towards Blitzkreig. "That is Blitzkreig he never takes off his armor though." He sniffed. "Said he has some horrible past that the armor hides." Father Earth nodded pointing at Tispy. "And who is he." I turned "Oh Tispy he just some he is a good freind as well known for fighting drunk." I smiled as he looked down at me "How about you and your friend meet with me in 1 month and we can train i got things to do and places to see." he turned "Expect you come have to come with me." I looked confused "What about my friends?"

"They can't but tell them your going so they don't get worried." I nodded "Alright then."

1 Week Later

Bliztkreig Pov

Well Jackpot disspered on his own but i got some business. Crusader and Tispy be guarding another city but i got to deal with shit down in B-City. We like to Call it Bitch-City..Also the one being Destoyed by Monster Attacks. Anyhow i been relaxing in my jeep nothign really major going on at the moment hopefully that stays the same. I mean, I hate monster attacks. Sure, Get a rank up but i could also be killed.  It reaminds me of my past...that dark dark north, The cold castles the cold feeling...what am i thinking the Past is the past. I got to worry about the future now. 

Tispy Pov

So I been just walking around town getting drunk as i want. But of course Crusader says i can't because i will hurt sombody on accident but she doesn't known i can hold my licker down..ok sometimes..ok never. But there also that nice raman shop might as well take a bite over there. "Hello good sir." I say sitting down in front of the raman shop owner. "One Order of Ramen please." he looks at me smileing "Of coure Tispy." He turned slowly cookign the ramen. "So how the work treatign you." I looked at him "Lost the job." I sighed takign some water and drinking it. He sighed "That is sad but it will be ok you and that slugger fellow can also get a job here." I looked at him "Last time we took a job togther we almost killed one another." He looked at me "You mean he almost killed you." I sighed "Yup...but hey i can still fight him." as i say that i feel a palm agianst my face a large man pushing me asid. 

The man spoke "Listin Gramps i want all your damn Ramen." He looked at the man "Sorry sir i cna't just give it.." he was hit across the face sending him into the wall "Gramps!!!" I Screamed as he hits me as well sending me into a wall. The mans clock feel off..."Heavy Lizard. At your service." He said looking down at me "You must be Tispy Toppy." He spoke in a deep nazly voice. I flip to my feet in a rage as he sends his fist at me which i easily avoid. "Your not bad hero." He says as i avoid another shot slamming my fist into his gut causing him to fly backa  small hole in his chest "That is for gramps you..." I look up another Mytrious beign attacking me her stringers lacing the side of my face before i begin to dodge her attacks. "Who are you little man." She said as i relaized who she was...A tiger class Mytrious being..Killer wasp. She attacked me agian but i slammed my fist agianst her stinger breaking the tip..."Ahh!!!" She screamed as i slammed her agianst the wall before i saw crusader running towards me 4 people on her tail "We need to take this fight to a safer place." She yelled she pressed agianst my back, we each back to back "Alright i take the 3 on the left you three on the right." I said as we both nodded.

Chapter 4: Fight on Hero's!!!!

Crusader Pov

Crusader turned to face The injured Heavy Lizard he lifting himself off the ground. "You think you can defeat me girl." He turned as i faced him swinging one of my swords at him which grazed his face blood trickling down. "You Hore." He screamed chargeing towrads me "Bad move." I said as turned my blade slashing across his chest landing gracefully behind heavy lizard. He turned but he collapses intoa  heap of blood and orgens. A creatue smashed through the wall it being a giant fucking pig. I turned but Tispy slammed his palm into the pig making him slide back. I turned as a creatue leaped at me which i swatted with my blade. The Creatue flipped back onto his feet "Let me Introduce you to the Trickster." He said before he was cut down blood flying from his body as he collapsed into a heap of blood. I Turned as another Mytrious being attacked me hitting my blade with his sharp claws.  I pushed my blade agianst him sending him flying back as i sent  a pyshic wave sendign him through a building. He spun back to his feet charing me once more part of his mask slowly chipping. He attacked me with renewed vigor pushing me agianst my back foot. 

Tispy Pov

I swung around slamming Ten ton Piglet into a wall he flying back before Killer Wasp attacked me putting me on a deffensive stance my arms swatting the blows before they can reach me. "Your so annoying." She screamed as he sent her stringers faster and faster as i leaped away grabbign my beer bottle from the table. "what is that for." She said. I looked at her "Its for you," I chugged the bottle as i begin to sway back and forth. She looked confused flying towards me "I will kill you!!!" She Screamed but Ten Ton Piglet Screamed at Her "He just got more powerful be carefull!!" She sent her stinger but i just swayed under it grabbing the stringer.  She tried to pull away but i simply sent a lighting fast punch it covering her vision "Spare,,,," Before she finshed her head exploded blood flying out landing in the area around me as her bottle crumbled to the floor. Ten Ton Piglet charged hitting me dead on sending me through a building blood dripping down my face. "Ten ton....Smash!!!" He charged agian picking up more speed as i flipped into the air avoding before he got onto his feet grabbing my leg slamming me into the ground.  "Ugh." I grunted as he headbutted me through the concreate blood flying from my mouth. He looked down "This is all an A-Class Hero can do." He said as i leaped up hitting him across the face sending his body off the ground he landing about 1 foot back my arm sore. "What are you made of jesus." I said Drunkley. He looked at me "I'm ten tons of muscle you can't beat me!!!!" He flexs before charging me agian which i leaped over he standing up to grab my leg. "Crane..." I pulled my leg back "Kick!!!" I kicked him across the face knocking him off his feet his hand misisng me as i spun around punching him mutitple times as he got up knocking him into a wall. 

Bliztkreig Pov 

I've been fighting this damn mytrious beign for a while name is red poney. The Fucker just won't die. This is some conjoined attacked there been mutitple attacks around the area's in 5 cities. Its crazy... I Turned Red ponny charing agian "nahhh...mother fucker...nah!!!" He hit me agianst the chest but i grabbed his head looking down at him. "Bliztbomb." I grabbed him suplexs him into the pavment but he just kicked me with his powerful hooves knocking me back my helmet glass slighty broken. He spun around nailing me with another hook before i pulled my head back slamming my head into his causing him to step back stunned as i was finally able to leap back and aim my rocket laucnher. I clicked the shot flying out hitting Red ponny as he was sent intoa  truck complety defeated.  Good greif the others should of handle them. I hope that is the last of them.*Blitzkreig is hit from behind a large explsion ingulfing the area he was in.*

Crusader Pov 2

Broken Mask keep pushing me back his claws clashing with the steel that made up my weapon. He keep smirking "This all you can do lady." He snickred sending me back. I turned one eye seeing Tispy Strugllign agianst ten ton-Piglet and there still one in the background he still has not done anything. "Tispy." I leaped back. "Switch!!!" He spun slamming his palm into broken mask sending him into a wall as a blocked in incoming attack from Ten Ton Piglet. "You think you can beat me and my ten tons of muscle." He said slamming his hoof down as i pulled out my lance blocking the hoof. He turned to me sending his other hoof down "die." I flciked my lance sending him off his feat into the air as my blades flew out but a man ran in the way blocking them he pulling of his clock. "I am the Clock keeper." The Giant Pocketwatch looking man said as he began to spin around his arms "Time to stop your time." I looked annoyed as my swords begin to float around me "Kinda done with this." Ten ton piglet attacked from behind sending his palm down knocking me across the pavment he leaping down at me form the air "Time to die." He flipped to me feet sending my lance at him as he impaled on the weapon "I always loved Pulled pork." I smirked as he flew off my lance the Clock Keeper chargeing me with all his might "Clock king....rush!" I just turned the sword impaling him from behind before pulling through him to appear back in my hands.  Broken mask leaped back "Time to Scram." He turned running off into the distance as we sighed "That was not too bad."

Chapter 5: Welcome Agent

Bliztkreig Pov

I was thrown back 2 injured Mystrious beings over me. "Fuck..." I said as one of them the High Sparrow flyign towards me ramming me into a building. "The name is Terrible Toodler." A giant baby like man walked towards me throwing his fist at me but i blocked it still flying back into another car. I Got up pulling my rocket launcher fireing at one of them which they dodged before High sparrow flew down at me but i used my hand to swat him away. I pressed me ganulnet turning on my jeep "well i got one chance for this to work." I Got to my feet as high sparrow rammed me agian sending me close to my jeep. "Looks like we will take care of this little hero." "Not yet." I said pressing the button as hordes of rockets flew at High Sparrow hitting him head on leaving a bloody corpse as Terrible toddler Charged me. "Terrible Body Slam!!!" He leaped above me goign down as i gripped the edge of Concreate block rolling out of the way. I got up hitting him across the face before he punched me as well causing me to fly into my jeep. He charged agian but i punched him causing him to slide back.

Terrible Toodler stopped sweat on his face as he stepped back "Hmm scared huh." I said as he shook "You have no idea." He said... I turned as a fist hit me across the face sending me into a building my body at this point a heep of broken bones. "Unstopable Punch." The Woman said slamming her fist into My jeep causing it to explode.

Agent Pov

I sat eating my trusy Ham Sandwitch above the city...was hoping that Unstopable nany fellow would just sit the hell down. I got to my feet dusting off my shirt. "Well ham sandwitch got to wait." I leaped down towards her and Terrrible toodler who were about to kill the Hero Blitzkreig. "So Mother what should we do." Terrible Toodler Stated licking his lips. "We will kill him then we use his skin for a blanket." She said with a large chuckle that sounding like a horse eating some concreate, it was the worest thing i every heard. I Leaped down, not gonna play games with a Demon-class at least for the whole time. 

I Landed before turning kicking Terrrible Toodler A giant explsions ingulfing his body a spary of blood and guts filing the Streets as Unstopable Nanny Screamed "No my Child.!!!!!" She Turned  rushing at me both arms crossed in front of her "Unstopable Tackle." She hit me sending me through a couple of buildings. Those Tackles are pretty strong, Might want to be carefull. "Unstoable...Headbutt." She Came up slamming her head which was the size of half of my body into me sending me spirling back before she charged me agian knocking me high into the air with a powerful uppercut. She Rushed agian, This was getting quite annoying as I easily just dodged as she swung at me widly i easily avoding the barrage, they were slow, they could never touch me. "Unstoable....Tackle!!!!" She Charged agian as i raised one leg kicking her in the side of the face she sent flying back into a building blood dripping form my foot "Hmm she bleed that easily." She Sprung from the rubble she breathing hard. "You don't understnad do you hero, my power allows me to become more unbeatable the more powerful my enmey becomes...and you supprassed me just now." She Flexed as a massive aura formed around her, her muscles expanding with great force causing the ground around her to crack. "Time for my Nanny' Special attack: Titan' Turbo Drive!!!!!"

She Charged foward with a powerful Galoop hitting me squere on but i didn't move an inch my hand waving in front of me "you done." I Said as punched her straight on her body exploding in guts and blood they landing on top of me "Unstoable my ass." I Grunted as i picked up Bliztkreig. "Time for us to go." I was about to go as i saw something coming towards us. "Drill Barrage." High sparrow leaped from the rubble sending a powerful claw strike as Agent simply avoided throriwng a rocket at High sparrow pirecing his wing with ease the man looking shocked. "How!!! I should be able to dod..." He didn't finsh as a rock went through his head he collpasing dead "When do this monster learn to quit." I got up leaving the area.

Jackpot Pov

We been trainign for awhile but right now were heading toward a misson. I've goteen so much stronger, Probley could take everyone at once now...ok no still like....C-class but hey that is a start...i guess. We arrived at the location of a Demon-class Monster, Ruffled Tiger...Yah i don't know who comes up with these names but they suck."So Sakuma you want to handle that?" I said. He looked at me confused before nodding "Too tired." I looked at him shocked "But...i can't fight him?" "Sure you can...he is only Demon-class." He saied waving his hands. I walked up to Ruffled Tiger. "Hello sir..." He swung at me as i tripped avoidng the other whies fatal attack "opps." He said swinnign down at me but i flipped out of the way before pulling my arm back.

"777...Lucky Punch." I Screamed punching him in the face.. as he was sent flying into space and time forever and forever..*Note: That not what actually happeneed he just likes to think he can do that.* I awoke from my dream ina  pile of soft rubble a claw mark on my chest. "Not bad for a hero." He said rubbing his red nose. I Rushed foward punching him agian before being throw into Sakmua causing him to awake "He is not dead already..for the love.." He got up. He just walked up pulling a seed from his head "What are you suppose to be a fucking walking tackling tree." Ruffled Tiger rippping one of Sakmua's Arm's clean off with a swipe. He stood there nonchanlty as he threw the seed a plant appear in the air spreading spores around the area they touching ruffled tiger's Skin "What this suppose to be gramps." He looked suprised as Sakmura arm was back on before the spore began to expand "Waht the Hell." He said. "This are Explsoive spore they will sink into your blood stream and" As he finshed Ruffled Tiger Exploded he walking back "Easy peasy." 

Sakuma Turned "you have a rare power of luck Manpulation." He said i lookign confusly at me "Luck...Manpulation does that mean i can control luck at any time..that is so aweosme." I began to dream of all the things i could do as he sighed "Not yet..your still a novice you can't control your power right now..." He sighed agian "I've never seen a power like this, it may be something new but anyway we will meet with your freinds and get some training in." I smiled "Right lets go then!!!"

Chapter 6: Heading toward an Island of Giants

Crusader Pov

We sat in the Hospital with Blitzkreig who was pretty banged up from his fight Tispy and Jackpot were outside of the room with Sakmura as he teaching some things about a hero. "Where am I." Blitzkrieg said. I grabbed his headgear "You probley can't see wtih this broken stuff on." I said as i began pulling it off his hand grabbed my arm stopping me "Don't" He Said. "Why Not, its just a mask." I began to pull agian but he keep stopping me. "Stop....please." I could see small tears going down his neck as i let my hand go from his mask. " that mask so important." I said he turned his head "You can tell me that much right?" He turned his mask. "I can't tell you...its meant to hide the truth." He turned agian looking at the roof "Were in the hosptial i assume?" I looked at him "Hide what?"

He looked at me "Its meant to hide who i am, i don't want anyone close to me to get hurt that is why i charge first and leave last." He said "If i took off his helm in public or near anything like a camera, you would all be dead by now." He said looking at me agian. "One day, i take it off but not untill i feel there is no other choice." I let go of his mask. "So, We got any missons." He asked. I raised my eyebrow. "No...not..." *An Explosion occurs outside*

Slugger Pov

Just took care of Jackpot and Tispy wtih the help of our team, Powerdrive and Headhunter. "Looks like were the best team." I Said standing over jackpot as i saw an old man sleeping in front of the door "Hey Gramps move it." I said as he opened his eyes. "Old man." He saided "My students!!!" He said cracking his knuckles "So your part of there team gramps." I said pulling out my sluggnator (A fucking Pipe) Swinging it at him which he blocked with one arm. "Huh." I said as he kicked me back before headhunter grab his bow fireing at the man which he blocked with a flick of his hand. He lepaed toward me but prowerdrive headbutted him but he hit away as he all slid back "Not bad gramps." I said nodding to my teammates as Crusasder bursted out "Stop this all of you." She Screamed as we all began to bow "Were sorry Lillan." We began to cry, She is scary, we don't want to mess with her." Father earth turned "Who are they Lillan." She looked at them "There our rival teamates its ok they probley here to bother us." 

"No we got a misson." I said as everyone got up and turned. "Lets head to Bliztkreig so he can here." Jackpot said but Lillan turned "He too injured to come." She said. "He stills deserves to know" Jackpot said as he began to walk to him "So what is the misson." Jackpot asked i turned to him "Were going to The Isle of Giants off the coast of X-City there suppose to be 2 Demon-Class Monsters over there, both are teams are heading there." Lillan turned "Why are no S-class are being sent." He turned "They had to deal with the Garou Situtation." We sat down next to Bliztkreig explanining the Situation. "Well that really does suck." He muttered "It will be you guys mabye as Sakuma to come." We turned to him as he nodded "I can't." He said "I got to meet with some people i will meet with you guys after the mission." We turned "Right we will meet you after." LIllan said as we began heading toward X-City

Jackpot Pov

I've never been in X-City wonder what we will find there. We got to head to the Isle of Gian'ts 2 Demons should not be too diffcult with our strength. We arrived getting a misson breifing from the A-Class Hero Jacktop Jill. "Ok listin up we need you get on the island and take down any major threats toward the Safty of the island we understand." We nodded "Alright team lets do it." Slugger Scremed..his team half of us are on my see me and slugger...

*Flashback Time*

"You really think your some hotshot Slugger." I said "I do..." He said standing over a couple of Tiger-Class Monsters "I've took out just as many monster as you have." I said "Mabye you have but you just get lucky." He snorted as Powerdrive and Headhutner walked up behind him "He causing trouble boss." Powerdrive said. "No no its all fine." "Well i got a suprise for you." I said as Blizkrieg and Tispy walked up behind me. "Now i got a team and were about to destoy you." Blitzkireg and Tispy Faceplamed "You told us there was a 3 Tiger Class-Monsters not 3 other heros?" They Said in unison. "Let the battle begin." Slugger Screamed as we all began a massive (And Convluted battle)

Crusader Pov

We Arrived on the island, which was a massive complex of metal and Giant monsters. We began to enter spilting into 2 groups, One Group with Tispy and Jackpot and me and then Trienty to the other side as we began our exploration of the complex. We began to rush through lookign around for the monsters "So what do you think we will find." Jackpot Said. "Who knows?" I said as i feel something move below us. "Stop..." She Said as the ground began to move as we leaped back 2 black eyes peering from the Ground "Welcome Humans." The Ground broke as a giant moth sprung up "I am Everlasting Moth prepare yourselves for your death!!!" She Said waving her wings as giant gust flew at us "Move." I Said as all sprung in different directions "Hmm 3 of you we should have enough to take care of you." I turned "Seem there is more then 2...she said three."  Jackpot whisperd. "Well she could mean other you know non Demon-Class "Well i will go ahead." I  Said "I got a feeling just trust me." Tispy nodded

Slugger Pov

I been exploring finding nothing so far. Like Seriously it can't be this hard. I walk apon a three way passage with the group "I will take the left, Powerdrive Right and Headhutner Middle." We nodded as we took our passage exploring the complex. Still nothing just some broken skeltons and...oh a door. Hmm how should we do this..find a key or... I took my Pipe slamming it into the door making it fly off its handle as i walked in "We got a book." I took the book it reading the Words Gorefiend complex. "Hmm wonder what is in here." As i was about to read them i heard a large crash before being throw inot the wall crashign right through it before landing back on my feet "Hello Human." The Monster Said. "Was This Android and Archer fellow your friends." He smirked blood on his hand and oil on his face he licking his lips. "You Hurt my crew." I said flipping my Lead Pipe "Just got to bash your skull in then..." I turned hitting him across the face with my pipe sending him into a nearby Wall.

Chapter 7: Deep in the Halls of Madness

Tispy pov

Looks like we got to fight this mad fucker. The Large Moth Creature waved its wings before flying towards jackpot running behind a box "You take care of that thing!" He Screamed as i sighed. "dammit it just a giant moth." I sayed as swung my palm at it which it just ran into i being thrown into a wall with a powerful thud. "Everylasting...Gust." She Waved her wings as i leaped out the way the steel gutter behind me being split in two "fuck." I leaped above her taking a swig of my bottle. I Slammed my palm into her back causing her to to hit the ground before she turned trying to tackle me. I Slid under her an aura appearing around my hand "Mad Hound!" I slammed my Arm into her gut sending her high in the air but she stopped herself with her wings. She flew down again as jackpot leaped from his hiding spot.

"777....Lucky Punch!!!" He slammed his fist into her head which sent her back slightly which surprised me "When did you get so strong?" He turned "I don't know." Everlasting moth Turned as a powder flew form its wings "Paralyzing Dust!!!!" Jackpot froze up as i leaped out of the way "Jackpot you idi..." I felt the moth tackle into me sending me flying into another wall blood from my mouth.

Power Drive Pov

System back online....Damage Level:75 Percent. I rose looking around to find bloodhound wounded but alive "We better go slugger can handle that guy we need to find the others." Bloodhound nodded we running towards the next room. We began to look around for the second monster. We keep looking as a we heard the walls creak around us and begin to spin something was surrounding us. Bloodhound took his axes stabbing them into the wall as i grabbed one of walls pushing it back. The "Wall." Turned out to be a creature as a large Centapide man appaerd in front of us he begin at least 15 feet tall. "I am Lord Centus leader of the Giant Squad." He said shaking his body around. Bloodhound charged him as i reached my hand out "No don't charge him." I followed after as he slammed his axe in the creature armored back his Axe Breaking in two his eyes wide with shock. He turned ramming his chest into Bloodhound sending him into a nearby wall. I Turned firing my rocket fist at him which hit him point blank the fist flying back above me as i put it back on my arm. The Smoke cleared as the Creature attacked swiping at me with its long Sharp claws which cut part of my armor off before i ducked under one of its blows to avoid a decpation.

Crusader Pov

I Rushed forward through the halls looking for the second Mysterious being, I hope the others can handle it down here. Demon-class is pretty tough but hopefully they are alright. I Rushed forward into he next room seeing a mess Bloodhound on the ground as Powerdrive was thrown into the wall his armor cracked his shoulder complety destroyed. I Pulled out two my blades swining at the Creatures back but the blades broke as he swung at me sending my flying into a wall. I Got to my feet firing a power Pyshic wave into his chest sending him flying into a wall. Powerdrive nodded to me "Its so late anyway." He said getting to his feet "Terror titan has been finished he will destroy the Stupid X-City." Our eyes widen as he spit something as us which we both dodged but the ground were it hit melted away "Acid Barrage." He began to fire a barrage of Acid at both of us which we dodged quietly Easily. "I can handle it here Crusader go stop Terror Titan." He said avoiding a acid spit as he spoke. "Alright." I Said flying pass into the final room to meet with terror titan.

Slugger Pov

I rushed Foward slamming my Pipe into Komoado Samurai's Blade both of us sliding back our breaths both high. "Your not bad." I Said spinning my Pipe as Komoado commented "Our doctor said of the 7 in the building your the biggest threats so..." He began to open his mouth as the heat in the room increased. "7...?" I Said confused "But there only..." He Turned firing a massive fireball at me "Oh fuck." I was hit right on a massive explosion ingulfing the area around me my shirt burned to a crisp. Steam began to feel the area as Komoado Samurai began patting his skin "What the..." I Walked out blood dripping form my cuts as i walked forward "Not funny when your burning huh." He smirked "This is unuquie power time to study it. He charged me i blocked his powerful strike with my pipe before be both backed off. I pushed off the concrete hitting him in the face with my pipe sending him flying back a cloud of blood forming from his face as he counter with a powerful claw attack sending me into a wall. He sprung back swigging down with his blade which i deflected with my Pipe before elbowing him in the stomach he skidding back.

He both Breathed hard as he smirked "Your Strong but this is not my true power." He said as his muscles began to expand he transforming into a more dinosaur like form before disspring "Huh." I looked around as i felt his hand in my stomach i sent flying across the corrador as he ran next to me "Weak!!!" He began beating me around with brutal strength as my eyes began to flicker. "fuckk." I Stopped myself swinning my pipe as him which he caught with one hand before throwing me into a wall causing me to cough more blood He charged again knocking me through a wall . I Coughed more blood as he approached me my eyes flicking i was fading into Unconscious. "Is that hero." He said cracking his knuckles.

Chapter 8: Narrow Victories and Narrower Defeats

Jackpot Pov

I finally Broke the paralyzes as i pulled my sword charing Everlasting moth slashing at her with all my might but all my blows failed to connect. Finally she just spit at me a powerful gust throwing me off my feet. Tispy got to his feet blood dripping down his mouth, "Jackpot hurry the fuck up and help the others." He said cracking his knuckles. I Leaped to him "I can't leave you, you will die." Everlasting Moth Smiled "your Right he will die but not just because of me but because there are 4 Demon-Class Monsters on this island." He turend to me "Go hurry up and help the others i will be fine." I Felt my spirit rise my anger pulsing up as well "I can't and Won't leave you!!!" He Turned "I will be fine but if there 4 demon class monster they will need your help." He said getting to his feet. "Now Go!!!!" He Screamed as I turned running up the hall Everlasting Moth Turning towards Tispy.

Tispy Pov

Fuck, This is really not good. There no way i can beat this bitch. I got to stance taking down my last Bottle as i became complety drunk. "Hausdorff." I began to flop around Everlasting moth looking complety confused. "Diee!!!" She Said charing at me but i avoided her attack kicking her away before elbowing her across the jaw. She Stepped back but returned fire with a gust of her wings cuts appearing on my body "Fu." "Everlasting wind." The Gutter around me split open along with my chest as i collapsed blood forming around me as i tried to get up she stepping on my back "Time to.." She was thrown off me a man in armor standing before me.

Bliztkreig Pov

I've Arrived. my New Armor was ready for testing and combat as Tispy looked up "Fuck...Blitz why are you here?" I Turned "I've come to Defeat This Monster." I Said as Everylasting Moth Turned sighing "Another Peice of Prey." he Charge as he was hit by a barrage of small rockets from my new Rocket Mouted mini Rocket Launcher. Everlasting Moth slammed next to Blitzkrieg as he tried to attack me but i punched him away sending him flying back with a powerful blow. "Whats with the new armor." Tispy said as I Turned "I will explain later." Everlasting Moth Rushed forward as i Rushed at him "Bliztkreig Tackle!!!!!"

Slugger Pov

"Son." I could hear a voice as i began to look around i felt as if i was reliving my past "Father..." I Said grabbing my face tears streaming down..."Dad am i finally home." I saw him appear grabbing my shoulder squeezing it tightly. "No its not your time yet...your friends need you Harrison." I Chocked in my tears "But...i want to see you." He turned "I know..but you need to help your friends and live for them...i will always be watching you."

My Eyes opened up Komodo Samurai walking past me "That took care of him." He said as i slowly got my feet "Turn around ugly." He turned his head back as i hit him point blank by my pipe sending him flying back "You still got some fight." He said skidding back before he charged me again swining his blade down which i avoided before i turned my pipe slammed my Pipe into his blade causing us both to skid back. Steam began to flutter more and more from my skin covering me making him unable to see me. "Were did you go." He said trying to see through the steam I Put my Pipe up as i breathed in the steam spinning the pipe "9th Inning Special!!!!" I began to spin the pipe faster and faster as the Steam began to clear he looking down at me "hmmm i don't know what your trying to do but it won't work." He said as he put his blade away "I use my Ultimate Attack as well to destroy you!!!" The Steam spun around the pipe as it began to turn red my hand starting to burn but i was use to it, this heat was nothing. "Home....Run!!!!" I Charged forward Steam accelerating me as he Swung at me with all his might "Dragon...Slash!!!!" *Both Attacks Clashed as the area around them was complety destroyed a giant smoke cloud covering the area. *Slugger appeared on the other side a giant cut on his chest as Komoado collapsed on the other side his blade in two a giant hole in his chest*

"I Defeated you..." I said my breathing hard. "Not yet..." Komoado began to get up... "Beware of the Mysterious one, the Hero Slayer." I Turned my face looking confused "Who are you.." "I was the former hero Ronin..." I Turned "And now your this...thing.." He looked down at me "Yes...and it is dishonorable, i died in battle saving other heros from the hero Slayer but i was brought back to be a instrument of destruction." He looked at me his eye filled with Sadnes "I want to die a warrior." he charged me agian he no longer transformed from the damage as i turned "You got it!!!!" I Turned Swinging at him Hitting him in the face point blank causing it to be complety destroyed before collapsing from my wounds