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Race Modified Human
Alias Raikyaku
Thunder Legs
Age 19
Status Alive
Gender Female
Height 5,9
Location C-City
Abilities Super Powered legs
Weapons None
Occupation Pro Hero
Rank A-Class
Affiliation Hero Association
Partner(s) Arashiken
Family Arashiken
Dr. Kurinuku

Raikyaku (雷脚, Literally meaning; "Thunder Legs") is an A-Class hero belonging to the heroes association. As a powerful female hero, she is known as one of the two children of the esteemed biological chemist, Dr. Kurinuku. By way of his experiments, she was not only saved from an uneventful life of being doomed to never walk, she obtained the status of the human being with supposedly the strongest most powerful legs on the planet, which allowed her to obtain status as an international world martial arts champion at a young age reigning for many years.



Raikyaku At 14





Powers & Abilities

Super Powered Legs

Originally, Raikyaku was born with legs which held little to no articulation or function, but through procedures performed on her by her father, her DNA was spliced with that of a giraffe, something which repaired and drastically enhanced the power of her legs far beyond that of normal human capacity. It is said that raikyaku is in possession of the most powerful, strongest legs known to mankind now, and in reference to her hero name, her strikes are said to have the power of raging thunder strikes behind them. Thanks to the power of her legs, raikyaku has become the single most skilled user of an ancient style of martial arts called the all leg style.

All Leg Style

An archaic style of martial arts originating in the warfare times of eastern asia, the all-leg style is a powerful form of martial arts which strictly uses striking and fighting techniques based on the legs, all kicking and no hand-based striking techniques are used. Raikyaku, by way of her status as the human with the strongest legs, has become the biggest celebrity within this world of martial arts, having become a black belt in the style and known for winning countless different tournaments, becoming a world champion. The all leg style is the form of fighting which raikyaku uses to combat her enemies and fight monsters, observed as being extremely effective.