Hello This is Shaman. Decides to make a chart to organize who has what on the wiki for characters and such. I will be working on it feel free to help fix up this article-Shamankingaursu A quick note this is not a power list this is just what there ranks are in the hero association and any other organization ie: Mysterious being Disaster rank (If Everyone could help me make this that be great i think it good for everyone to see who and what is ranked at what.

S class Heros

Agent: Current Rank:16 (Creator: Shamankingaursu)

Invincible Mask: Current Rank:??? (Creator: Riceman69)

King Robo: Current Rank:??? (Creator: Riceman69)

Gecko Master: Current Rank: ??? (Creator: Riceman69)

Mimizukumaru: Current Rank:??? (Creator: Riceman69)

Queen Idol: Current Rank:??? (Creator:Riceman69)

Big Bang Champion: Current Rank: ??? (Creator: Riceman69)