Slime was born into royalty, on a planet under threat of being totally annihilated. To save their race, their parents sent them ahead, to the nearest safe planet. Unfortunately, their planet was spared, so they sent their child away for no reason. They landed in a small country home, and was found by a couple living there. They grew up living as a normal kid, being homeschooled, until one day a slime monster busted into the house. They fought back, and killed the monster by setting it on fire. They later joined the Association.


Slime is a bubbly and happy person, nearing bordering insanity at some points. They always has a smile on their face, and loves to use their powers.


Slime can take on any form, but their favorite is a young man with green hair, eyes, with a dark green white striped shirt. They also wears black pants. Their other look when they use their powers is their whole body being made of green slime, with yellow eyes, and red hair. They also wears no clothes, as all of them are made from the slime.

Abilities and Powers

Immense Strength: Slime is strong enough to rip a building in half at the speed of sound, and can crush a whole Demon Level Monster in one go.

Immense Speed: Slime can move at the speed of sound, and can strike with hundreds of tendrils at super speeds.

Enhanced Durability: Slime is slightly more durable than a normal human, due to them not having bones or organs. Their regeneration offsets this downside.

Regeneration: Even though Slime is not as durable as other S-Class Heroes, they can regenerate from anything, from a bomb going off in their chest, to their head being punched into pieces.

Supernatural Powers

Shapeshifting: Slimes body is incredibly malleable, and he can increase their size, make weapons out of their hands and feet, and turn into other people.

Hardening: Slime can harden their body into a green crystal-like substance, which increases their durability and strength massively.

Fighting Style

Slime fights with their arms extended, and grown into a bigger size (about 12 feet tall). Their arms are ended with balls of hardened slime.

Slingshot (スリングショット Suringushotto): Slime wraps their arms around two objects, and pulls themself forward with all this strength.

Hammer Flip (ハンマーフリップ Hanmāfurippu): Slime flips forward, both hands turned into hard hammers.

Spear Pierce (スピアピアス Supiapiasu): Slime flings both of their hands forward while they are sharp.


Slime was born into royalty, and has traveled back to their planet to fight their father.

Slime gender is unknown because they can become whatever gender they wants, and their normal form has no parts.

Slimes favorite weapon to make is axes or spears.

Slime is weak to fire, and needs constant moisture.