Slugger is the Rank 10 A Class Hero who is part of the Trinity squad a rival to the Four Square Squad. He has been a hero for a couple of years and is known as the Second Metal Bat.

Harrison Homes
Race Human
Alias Slugger
Age 20
Status Alive
Gender Male
Height 6'1
Abilities Immenese Strength, Stamina and Boiling Point
Weapons Lead Pipe
Occupation Hero
Level A-class
Rank 10
Affiliation Trienty
Partner(s) Headhunter And Powerdrive
Family Father: Deceased




At Some Point in the Past Slugger was a part of a small gang known as the Lead Monsters. Also meeting the Hero Metal Bat he decided to Change his ways and become a hero. He Always loves Slugs as a kid and got his Pipe on his 18th birthday by his poor dad who died the day after in a gang fight.

Isle of Giant's Arc

He appears on the Island along with Four Square Squad aftering a hearing of 2 Demon Class opponents on the islands however there ambushed and Slugger Is forced to fight a demon Class Monster Komodo Samurai By himself. He is Able to hold his ground however his fate at this point is unknown.


Immense Strength:

Slugger has a high amount of Strength being able to Easily Defeat a Tiger Level Opponent with a couple of swings from his Pipe. With his pipe he is able to easily delft attacks from a Demon Class Monster and counter with enough force to heavily damage his attacked, Komodo Samurai.

Immense Durability

Slugger is Very Durable being able to take Komodo Samurai's Attacks and Counter without fear of being knocked out despite his high level of Strength

Boiling Point

An Unknown power only seen so far when he was hit by a powerful attack from Komodo Samurai were he inseminated steam from his mouth. Komodo Dragon Described it as Acidic and strong enough to boil the tip of his skin.


His Personal Weapon, A pipe which he got from his father he uses it if he is not in hand to hand combat and he also uses it as a Throwing weapon with high Success.