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Static Thunder
Race Human
Alias Static Thunder
Age 32
Status Alive
Gender Male
Height 5,10
Location Z-City
Abilities Static Electricity
Weapons None
Occupation Pro Hero
Level S-Class
Affiliation Hero Association

Static Thunder (静的雷, Seiteki Kaminari) is an S-Class hero belonging to the heroes association, who has the superpower of generating and unleashing extremely powerful currents of electricity. His body is capable of harnessing, containing, and on command, releasing these powerful electrical currents which are born out of his inherent attunement towards the creation and control of static electricity, which he transforms into an extremely explosive force.






Powers & Abilities

Static Electricty Conduit

Static Thunder, in reference to his hero name, has a body which functions like a giant, constantly charging and rechaging battery. In comparison to other human beings, his body and its electrical field is far more attuned to generating power than any other human being on earth, something which generally means that he can harness potentially limitless amounts of electrical energy and unleash it in varous different explosive forms. It is this power which static thunder utilizes to deal away with threats to humanity and that which he fights his foes with. Essentially, static thunder can continuously charge and deplete electricity within his own body without limits, something which makes him a hero easily befitting that with the status of an S-Class, as his electric powers are incredible potent, powerful, useful and explosive.


Arc Buster: Static Thunder unleashes the electricity gathered in his body from the tips of his fingers. This causes him to spew out bolts of energy which appear and behave in the same way as highly concentrated bolts of lightning or thunder. This is one of static thunders most primary and basic attacks, and yet, one of the most effective, as it boasts enormous destructive capacity, the ability to inflict electrical shock damage onto all those struck by the attack, and also boasts high range and area of effect.


Light Nuke Mode: Static Thunders ultimate technique. He will forcibly jettison all of the electric energy gathered in his body at once, essentially transforming him into a living electrical storm. While in this form, his body obtains the properties of lightning and electricity, drastically raising his speed and agility, and he obtains the ability to unleash constant explosive blasts of pure electric energy which are so exceedingly hot, potent and explosive that they can immediately vaporize everything that they make contact with.