The Element


The Element is an almighty begin of unknown power said to rival even the most powerful beings in the Universe. Known for begin able to control the four elements (Earth Fire water and air) and the Spirit which makes up all living beings he is considered one of the most powerful beings in the Universe.


He was born Millions of years ago to a race of dying aliens who combined all there peoples energy into one man. He went around destroying countless threats including destroying Parts of the Hyperspace Empire, Defeating The Almighty trio and most of all fighting the Legendary Hero Blast to a standstill. He was defeated however, by the combination of a couple of other heros though it was reveled he held back so he can gift his powers to humanity for the coming threat. He gave away 5 different powers Earth, Fire ,Water ,Air and Spirit. The only known one which was given to someone was Spirit which was gifted to the hero jackpot.

Abilities and Powers

He is by far one of the strongest being seen on earth in centuries. Being able to easily dominate S-Class Heros with just one finger and against blast hold his own while holding back. He has an assorement of powers which makes him hard to deal with.

Earth Manipulation

Element can control the earth around him making earthquake landslides and summoning mountain in the blink of an eye

Fire Manipulation

Element can make super heated flames hot enough to meet through steel.

Water Manipulation

He can make rain fall with enough speed to flood a whole city withen a short couple hours and soummon wave that can cover the sky.

Air Manipulation

He can manipulate the air making it heavier or lighter or changing its compistation with a flick of his hand.

Spirit Manipulation

He can manipulate his own spirit making him not only nearly unkillable but also making himself stronger by pumping himself up or making his allies stronger. his potent power it must not be taken lightly as someone with this power can easily become God-Class by just this power in a manner similar to breaking there limiters.

Race Unknown
Alias The Element
Age 1,000,000+
Status In Limbo
Gender Male
Height 5'8
Location Unknown
Abilities Earth, Fire, Water ,Air and spirit Manpulation
Weapons None
Occupation Destoyer of Evil
Level God
Rank God
Affiliation Himself
Partner(s) Unknown
Family Unknown