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Threat-Levels are a way of classifying, how potentially destructive one can be to the Hero-association; while situations and dangers are ranked by Disaster-level (Wolf, Tiger, Demon, Dragon and God; respectively), individuals are rated as "threats" and potential threats.


Zeta-Level Threat: Zeta-Level threats are those who possess threat to a bunch/or a small group of individuals.

Delta-Level Threat: Delta-Level Threats are capable of taking 55-60% of the military on their own, without fully exerting themselves.

Gamma-Level Threat: Gamma-Level threats are capable of destroying at least four to five blocks worth of area with their power.

Beta-Level Threat: Beta-Level threats are capable of taking down an entire local town with their power.

Alpha-Level Threat: Alpha-Level threats are capable of taking down an entire city with their power.

Omega-Level Threat: An Omega-Level threat is further categorized into two parts: Omega Class A and Omega Class B. Class B is capable of wiping out an entire country while A can wipe out an entire continent.

Extinction Level: Capable of destroying all of the seven continents.

Cosmic-Level Threat: Capable of wiping out the entire solar system and more.

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