Race Human
Alias Tispy Toppy
Age 25
Status Alive
Gender Male
Height 6'1
Location Q-City
Abilities Drunken Fighting, Enchanted Strength Stamina and speed.
Weapons Nonne
Occupation Hero ; Bartender
Level A Class
Rank 34
Affiliation Four Squeres
Partner(s) Blitzkreig, Crusader , Jackpot
Family Father and Mother.


Tispy Topsy also known as Pastel is a A Rank 33 Hero who is part of four Squeres being a hero since the Organization was created. He is 25 Years old and is known of not doing anything he is suppose to do as he is too drunk to do it however, as Relived by himself he is a master of Drunk Fighting. He along with Bliztkreig, Jackpot and Crusader are being Trained by Father Earth.



He was born to an Abusive Father and Mother so he went off on his own at the age of 13 and got into Drugs and Alcohol. He served a couple of years in Prison and when the Hero Association was formed he decided to use his talents to help others.

Space-King Arc

Tispy Arrives along with Crusader to Fight Space-King however he quickly defeated as he was looking for his Alcohol Bottle. He awakes during the Battle between Father Earth and Space-King as he watches the Former dispatch the Alien.

Monster Defense Arc


In Q City He is randomly Attacked by the Tiger level Mysterious being Heavy Lizard as is slammed into a bar before he takes a sip of a drink on the Counter. He charges forward slamming heavy lizard with a Drunken palm strike punching a hole through the Lizards Tough hide though he survives as Killer Wasp arrives attacking him. He manges to avoid the barrage of attacks from her Stinger before counting with a palm strike sending her into a wall as Crusaders arrives with a 2 more Tiger Level Monsters. She Soon turns killing Heavy Iizard with her lance as they now also have to face Broken Mask and Ten Ton Piglet. Tispy Takes another Swig as he and Crusaders battle the Tiger Level Monsters. After a long battles Ten Ton Piglet lays dead along with Killer wasp and Heavy Lizard. The other three Monsters are injured along with both heros as they retreat into the shadows.


Drunken Fighting

Tispy Fights with a Drunken style using unpredictable and high speed and power movement to defeat enemies. He likes to avoid moves with unperdiable dodging and counter at unsaleable angles.

Drunken Empowerment

The more he Drinks the Stronger he gets. After Taking one Swig he was able to heavily damage Heavy Lizard and was able to knock Killer wasp through a couple of walls. With 2 Swigs he was able to Slam Ten Top Piglet high into the air with 1 arm even though he weighted 5 tons.