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Race Human
Alias Tokihime
Age 25
Status Alive
Gender Female
Height 5,9
Location Z-City
Abilities Spiritual Awareness
Weapons Various Shaman Tools
Occupation Pro Hero
Level A-Class
Affiliation Hero Association
Family Shibabawa

Tokihime (時姫, Tokihime) is the grand daughter of the late shibabawa, the greatest fortune teller in the entire world. She comes from a long line of divination specialists, fortune tellers, and spiritualists, and was even acknowledged as extremely gifted even by the standards of her own family. She belongs to the heroes association and currently possesses the rank of A-Class. Due to her looks and talents she has become a singer who has garnered millions of fans across the world and is currently one of the richest and most popular heroes.






Powers & Abilities


Foresight: Tokihime is said to possess the ability to perfectly see and read the future. She has flawless precognition abilities, and at the age of 5 years old, she was observed by her grandmother to be on the same level as her. She is the single most gifted user of foresight in her family to appear since ancient times, and since she was 5, her abilities have only grown greater, more potent, and reliable, but due to the frightening, often times terrifying nature of the future that she see's, tokihime has completely disregarded her own ability in favor of her career in music. Still, her ability to read the future is extremely useful, as she can see anywhere from a few seconds to months into the future. Thanks to this ability, she has pointed out or avoided imminent danger and events. Although she is physically the same as a normal human being, her extremely potent precognition abilities make her an enormously powerful entity as she can respond to threats or take immediate countermeasures against incoming events or monsters entire minutes before they even appear on her, saving countless lives in the process.