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True Humans (真人, Shinjin) are a unique race of human beings who co-exist alongside the modern, generic human beings on planet earth. Throughout history and evolution, the majority of human beings developed beyond primitive warlike tendencies and tribal culture, setting aside their differences and forsaking the practice of primevil violence. Such acts have allowed human civilization to evolve and progress rather rapidly, letting the human race trade physical power for knowledge, enlightenment, intellect and mental clarity. However, pockets of humans refused to forsake such a lifestyle, remaining warlike and devoting themselves to battle. These humans have come together in secret society's cultivating power and dedicating themselves to supernatural strength, calling themselves the "true humans", primal and savage, with the ultimate goal of exterminating the modern, weak and relatively defenseless human race to superimpose their own dominance over all other beings on earth.



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  • Kintaro


  • Obviously, the true human species are based on and heavily inspired by the saiyans from akira toriyama's Dragon Ball manga and anime franchise. Their powers and abilities will also be greatly similar, though their history and behavior is more based on the ancient tribe-like human beings who existed in real world history, and their status as being a secret society based on world domination is inspiredb y a number of concepts such as the illuminati and even the nazi's of world war 2 germany.