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Volatile Poison Mouth (揮発性毒マウス, Kihatsusei Doku Mausu) is a demon-class threat as labeled by the heroes association. An individual who refused to floss his teeth for years on end, and as a result, his breath has become that of a severely volatile, dangerous toxic gas which has the ability to rapidly deteriorate and kill all matter on earth. He has developed a multitude of lethal supernatural powers and abilities based on bad mouth and teeth hygiene, and thanks to these abilities, he is an extremely dangerous and destructive force.






Powers & Abilities

Poisonous Mouth

Due to purposely refraining from performing hygenic routines on his mouth, such as brushing his teeth, flossing, etc, he has obtained an extremely lethal mouth and is capable of using it to perform numerous destructive and devastating abilities, attacks, and supernatural powers. His mouth is generally a biochemical engine which generates numerous forms of gases in the form of his breath, and acidic or poisonous chemical agents which are attributed to his saliva. He is capable of generating both kinds of lethal substances without limit, and unleashing them to plague and severely effect everything and everyone within his surroundings, making him extremely dangerous.

Bad Breath Blast: Volatile Poison Mouth will take in a deep breath and puff out his chest enormously. He will then release the breath gathered in the form of an extremely dangerous, thick, smoky miasma which billows out of his mouth. This miasma possess many toxic and acidic properties, immediately eating up and deteriorating any material it washes over, leaving those unfortunate enough to be caught within the massive cloud nothing more than skeletal remains of their former selves, killing them instantly.