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Yokai Lord
Race Yokai
Alias Yokai Lord
Age 4000+
Status Alive
Gender Male
Height 6.3
Location F-City
Abilities Immense Strength
Weapons Katana
Occupation Warlord
Level God
Affiliation Yokai Alliance
Partner(s) None
Family Various Yokai

Yokai Lord (妖怪卿, Yokai Kyou) is one of the most devastatingly powerful monsters ever to show himself to humankind. As his name suggests, he is the king of all yokai, who is responsible for triggering the invasion of all yokai into modern human society so as to forcibly exterminate all human beings on the planet. As a being who was labeled a god level threat by the heroes association, he came dangerously close to orchestrating the complete extinction of the human species centuries ago, as a testament to his sheer strength.






Powers & Abilities

Yokai lord is the highest and most powerful of the yokai species, who are all dragon demon to dragon level threats on their own. He has been labeled a god level threat, due to the fact he is capable of quite easily accomplishing his ultimate goal of completely extermination all human life and modern civilization with ease should he desire it. He is an incredibly skilled fighter, and has an enormous plethora of supernatural powers, techniques, abilities, and skills at his disposal, and it is this vast roster of powers coupled with his sheer raw might which makes him an extremely powerful and lethal entity. A-Class heroes pose no threat at all to him, and he can eliminate S-Class with casual ease.

Physical Abilities

Martial Arts Skill

Known Powers

Known Attacks